Pretty Girl

We have three cats; you may have seen them down and to the right, on my Instagram feed. Waffles joined us nearly a year ago, and there’s Kitten, the explorer, but Amarillo is my cat.


They’re cats, they sleep a lot.

Four years ago, I talked about how Amarillo came to join us:

I  brought Amarillo home about two years ago. I was working about 80 miles away for seven weeks, helping the company out by running a store while they trained the new manager (but that is a whole ‘nother story, fo sho), and Amarillo started showing up about an hour before close for the last two weeks I was there. My last night, she came home with me. Rode halfway home in the passenger seat, and halfway in my lap. I have never had a cat who was such an angel in the car. Anyway, she is the underdog (undercat?) of the family. She’s the one who gets picked on and abused when the other two are in a bad mood. She’s quite happy to curl up in a quiet corner and nap all day. Amarillo is my ‘pretty girl,’ and she loves her some petting.

She’s still the underdog, and she’s still my cat, although she’s gotten a little more lovey towards Ian in recent months. Sometimes.

I’m still the only one who can pick her up whenever, and to whom she always comes when beckoned or kissy-noised at.

And she still enjoys sleeping with her face against things.

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4 Comments on “Pretty Girl”

  1. LRose says:

    My cat comes running to the “kissy noise” as well. The pic of Amarillo pressed up against the bookshelf…So funny and so precious at the same time.

    • April says:

      She doesn’t have a convenient bookshelf since we’ve moved, so it’s usually a dining table leg now.

      • LRose says:

        My “Iona Cat Named Skipper” (who I call “Kitty”) is, as I type this, doing that thing that drives me nuts: half on the back of the chair and half on my shoulder with a searching, imploring paw stretched out over my arm. If only she preferred mashing her face against the leg of a chair…

  2. susieshy45 says:

    My cat Sunshine doesn’t want to be picked up, petted or touched, until he chooses to let us. And me, he almost never lets. I think he knows I am not the cat person of the house and that I am only tolerating him for hubby’s sake. And also he probably knows I am the one that separated him from his mother and brought him home to his captivity. The loss of freedom he can’t forgive.
    And he’s giving me sleepless nights with his constant cries to be let out.

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