Faces, Found Poetry, Chiasmus

the fact I can see you
soon enough I have a good idea
a very good and bad day a few years ago
a new song; one of them in my life

time is not a new song
until they fix it please
I can’t even see you
you are not a good fan of this

report on this album
you and your friends
do you think of it soon
a great little bit

my all to be you and you
I have to do that for you
so much better for days, than now
to be able to see, so bad

I don’t even know
or I could, would use up for weeks
I have one of them
I have to be able

this one has to be my life
for like that, if I had been
I could, will not let it
have it done; not in a day

Not as directly reflective of the assignment as I’m used to, but finally, I’ve found something to do with that predictive text.


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