Sounding Off

And now I’m glad I saved this prompt from The Blog Propellant.

This morning I got to work–let me back up.

Last week, before the manager went on vacation, he asked me to call tech support because the engraver wouldn’t work on 1. I got busy that night and didn’t, so I called Monday. I explained the problem and they said they’d send a new z axis controller and make an appointment for someone to come install it.

Now, it works fine on the other settings, just not 1. Well, almost fine; even after recentering, it’s off half a millimeter.

Anyway, Tuesday I was off. The assistant manager called me to ask what was wrong with the engraver because tech support had called to say they were sending a new machine. I told her it didn’t work on 1–which she should have known had she been doing her engraving properly. I told her what they’d told me, and she expected that they told her that no one was coming they they were sending a new machine. Fine, whatever, I’m just an associate. I don’t care. I show up and I do my job and I go home. I enjoy being out of a management position, because I don’t have to deal with crap like this.

But here’s the 25-year assistant manager treating me like I’m her boss. Look, lady, I didn’t even have to answer my phone–it’s my day off, and I’m not management

I still have no idea what she expected me to do with this information.

Wednesday, late afternoon, she called and texted multiple times while I was taking a nap. The new machine just got here. I don’t know how to set it up. It’s not working right. 

When I woke up, I texted back that I’d been asleep. She never responded. Whatever.

This morning, I delivered my papers and went to work afterwards. The kiosk was a wreck. 

There’s a note up that says April, this is all that’s left to engrave, we didn’t get the machine working until 630.

It’s a wedding set that was ordered on Tuesday, and has to be shipped no later than today. It was ordered on Tuesday. I opened up shop and checked the computer.

The assistant manager didn’t sell a single thing yesterday until 630. She had all day to engrave this. And she didn’t. She only had four sales Tuesday. Five sales in seventeen hours.

While I was looking that up, I also learned that she was also supposed to remove three 5×7 signs, put out twelve 5×7 signs, an 8×10 sign, and change the big ole easel sign to advertise the sale that started Wednesday. She didn’t even print the signs, even though she’d read the four emails detailing the signage and sale instructions. I know she read them, because once you’ve read something in our company email, you can’t change that it’s marked as read. 

I wanted to kick something. Maybe a puppy. Okay, not a puppy.

Now, I’m a reasonable person. If you’re busy all day, I don’t mind picking up the slack the next shift. But if you went eight and a half hours straight without a sale, you can damn well do your fucking job. The emails came at 130. The engraver came at 430–and if you don’t know how to install it, let it sit in the box

This woman is the reason I have personally had to install two of the four new/refurbished printers we’ve gone through this year. The manager did the other two.

I texted the manager, first with an apology to bother him on vacation. I gave him the quick and dirty version of all this, and he told me to get mad when she came in this afternoon, because he wouldn’t see her for over a week; he comes back from vacation and she starts hers. He emphasized really mad. I said that wouldn’t be a problem.

I cleaned up the mess.

At 220, she called to tell me she was stuck in traffic; she was scheduled at 3. I got off the phone as quickly as I could, because just hearing her voice was pissing me off again, and I had a customer.

She lives ten minutes from the mall.

She showed up at 312, and immediately started complaining about installing the new engraver and how the district manager made his surprise visit yesterday.

I pointed out that she didn’t have any sales and she didn’t complete the sign changes. She feigned ignorance.

I pointed out that she read the emails. She claimed they were late.

I pointed out that they came at 130, which is pretty early for signage change emails. She argued with me that they did not.

I left, while she was still talking.

I was too mad to even get into the wedding set left from Tuesday.

I guess there goes my Christmas present from her this year.

7 Comments on “Sounding Off”

  1. LRose says:

    Co-workers. Can’t work with and can’t work with them.

  2. April says:

    Ain’t it the truth.

  3. KarmenF says:

    From what it sounds like, you wouldn’t want the Christmas present anyway…

  4. tbSteve says:

    Sorry to hear about that. Life always seems to throw us curveballs. Lately I’ve been really focusing on staying positive. I found this article that discusses choices we can make that can change our lives:

    Keep your head up, all the best!

  5. abbiosbiston says:

    Urgh… she sounds like a moron!

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