One Year Ago

It’s the first anniversary of the smashing, so in honor of Casual Friday, read this.

A year ago we got a large portion of tree in our roof. Ugh. So began the Great Tree Fight of 2014. 

 See, we owned our trailer, but the park owned the land–and the tree. We’d expressed concerns about it several times, and been reassured that should anything untoward happen, they’d take care of it.

A relief, considering you can’t insure a 36 year old mobile home.

Those bitches lied. We went back and forth for months, and they didn’t do anything but cart off the broken limbs–some of them, while dragging them down the side of our home. 

When we moved, they had first refusal. We offered our old trailer, and they declined to purchase it because it had storm damage. Ugh. Jerks.

So that’s how my brother-in-law got the place for free, on the condition that he finishes school.

When the same thing happened–a storm brought down more roof-seeking limbs–for the third time, earlier this year, they didn’t take the tree down, but they did have someone remove most of the dangerous limbs. Unfortunately, they also topped the poor pecan tree on the other side, but we don’t live there anymore, so screw it, whatever. 


2 Comments on “One Year Ago”

  1. LRose says:

    UGH is right. This post also qualifies for the TPB Storm Damage prompt!

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