30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 19

How long have I been working on this ’30 day’ challenge, anyway?

Oh, I’m not doing so bad after all–I started August 13. So I’m a couple weeks behind. I wonder where I’ll be by the time I I finish.

Day 19: Discuss your first love.

My first love was reading. 

I learned to read when I was two. Probably a relief to my parents.

I’ve devoured thousands of books. I can’t help myself. Must read more.

I read favorites over and over. I remember when Orson Scott Card released a second edition of Treason. The original is A Planet Called Treason; when I read the second one I paused over and over when I found the edits, and I’m sure I found them all, I read that book so much.

I always read the most books in my class when we would have the summer or semester reading contests. I read fast.

I love reading. 

Don’t you?

2 Comments on “30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 19”

  1. abbiosbiston says:

    Very much 🙂

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