30 Day Writing Challenge: Days 4-9

Day 4: Write about someone who inspires you.

Fellow bloggers inspire me, to write, to paint, to participate, to keep on truckin‘.


Day 5: List five places you want to visit.

  1. Uluru
  2. Angkor Wat
  3. Machu Picchu
  4. Stonehenge
  5. Singapore


Day 6: Five ways to win your heart.

  1. Be smart
  2. Be charming
  3. Be funny
  4. Be cute
  5. Be Ian


Day 7: List ten songs that you’re loving right now.

  1. Gold Dust Woman, Fleetwood Mac has been stuck in my head for days. Maybe weeks.
  2. Chains which is apparently Nick Jonas. Had to google that one. Also stuck in my head a lot.
  3. This is super hard. I don’t really listen to new songs, so it’s the same songs, year after year after year. With the occasional mall music thrown in. So I guess eight more of my favorite songs? Burden in My Hand, Soundgarden
  4. Gold Dust, Flux Pavilion
  5. Ghosts N Stuff, deadmau5
  6. Panama, Van Halen
  7. Fighter, Christina Aguilera
  8. Long Time, Boston
  9. Sex Type Thing, Stone Temple Pilots
  10. Pepper, Butthole Surfers


Day 8: Share something you struggle with.

Overextending myself. I say yes a lot; not nearly as much as I used to, but it’s something that I’ve struggled with for years. I hate to disappoint anyone–I hate to disappoint anyone else. I spent a lot of time trying to save the world before I realized that I was wasting my time.

It’s not that I was necessarily wasting my time by helping others out or by volunteering to stay late at work or by taking on a new project. I was wasting my time by spending it doing things I didn’t really want to do just because I thought I should do them.

And after some major life upheavals, I’ve almost gotten to a point where I don’t cringe inside to say no. Sometimes.

Take NaNoWriMo, for example. A few months ago I got an email telling me that my area could use a coordinator, or whatever the job’s called. I know I can’t do that, so I pointed it out to a friend of mine who’s even shyer and more introverted than I am. He told me I should do it, and a few years ago, I would have signed right on up and hated myself for it. But I didn’t! I thought about it, sure, but I decided against it again, just as I had when I first read the email.

But I still do it to myself; I take on more than I can handle. Look at my sidebar. Do you think I’ve read any classics this year besides Lolita? Nope, sure haven’t. And I didn’t even write a post about Lolita. By the way, I finally fixed the link on that image, if anyone wants to have a look. Signups closed in like February, but there’s a section on Forgotten Classics if you need some reading materials.

So yeah; still a struggle, but something I’m working on. A happy ending of sorts, maybe?


Day 9: Post some words of wisdom that speak to you.

I love this:

“You will do foolish things, but do them with enthusiasm.”

Presented by a blogger who I don’t keep up with nearly as much as I should, because she’s amazing.


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