The Horse You Rode In On

Today’s Daily Prompt:

What’s the biggest chance you ever took? Did it work out? Do tell!

The biggest chance I ever took was riding that horse, Sebastian.

He was a mean one; he’d rather bite your hand off than let you touch him. And kick! Boy, he would kick the face right off your head!

But he was a horse, and I decided one Tuesday that I would ride him if it was the last thing I did.

i spent the next four months trying to make friends, but Sebastian wouldn’t give me any more of a chance on the hundred and twelfth day than he did on the first day. He hated me, but I loved him.

I never cared about any horse like I did Sebastian, but then, I never spent near the time with any other horse like I did him, neither. 

I think he was like that thing they say about beer, you know, an acquired taste. I just saw him so much, I got used to him, and after I got used to him, I respected him.

I never respected nothing without loving it at least a little bit.

So four months went by, and I knew Sebastian still didn’t want me to ride him, but I knew him as well as he knew himself, as much as a horse knows himself. I knew when he was gonna bite me, and I knew when he was gonna kick me.

Saddling him up was always a dance, and always an adventure. He got plenty of nips and taps in before I got his number. 

See this scar? That was day one. And this one? Day seventeen. And here, this one? Day forty. See how they got smaller? I was on to his tricks.

It was another Tuesday that I decided today was the day. We did our dance and I got him all saddled up and outside. Nothing out of the ordinary yet.

But as soon as I lifted my foot for that stirrup, Sebastian knew what my game was. I knew his game, though, and kicked up and over before he could take off a couple fingers, like he wanted to do.

I was on him, and he hated that more than anything he’d ever hated. He started bucking and kicking and trying to shake me off. 

And he won that round.

I’m in this wheelchair ’til I die because of the chance I took, but for that brief moment, I rode Sebastian.

Just not very far.


4 Comments on “The Horse You Rode In On”

  1. OMG….hope this isn’t a true story 😦

  2. abbiosbiston says:

    Wow that was unexpected. Brilliant!

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