Go Team Zombae!

What a long day!

Not really, but my feet are feeling it tonight. 

First there was general morning stuffs.

Then my friend came over for me to do her cosplay makeup:  

 Purple cornstarch gets sweaty, y’all. Fair warning.

Then I worked for six whole hours. And a few minutes. 

When I closed up, I stopped by the store to pick up some chicken for chicken and dumplings before I rushed home to catch the rest of the NYX Face Awards.

I got to see the last three of six videos, but out of those, I was seriously rooting for PatrickStarrr.

But Mykie won, which is cool too.

And the chicken and dumplings was delicious. For me, at least. I finished Ian’s bowl. He may have only agreed to the meal because he’s been saying no to it every time I ask for over a year now.


6 Comments on “Go Team Zombae!”

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  3. I totally adore patrickstarrr too!

  4. abbiosbiston says:

    This is so cool. i love doing zombie make-up!

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