Challenging Reading

i told thefeatheredsleep that I was going to join her in a challenge she was assigned a few days ago, so here we are.

I’m going to write for five minutes on the book that changed my life.

But I don’t know which book to choose!

I do. I’ve just thought of it. 

But I don’t remember the name of it. I’ll look it up after the timer goes off.

A couple years ago I was going through a bad patch. I was severely depressed, no interest, no energy, nothing. I nested, and that’s about it. I couldn’t even read.

And then, finally, I started reading these books my sister sent me, and they were good. They held my interest. They gave me interest. They helped me be myself again. That’s pretty significant.

I’d never written an author before, but after I finished reading the Night Angel trilogy (I remembered!), I did. I wrote Brent Weeks, and I told him what he had done for me. I was grateful and eloquent and fangirly, and he never responded. 

I didn’t exactly expect a response, but I’d love to know whether or not he read my letter. And I should have copy/pasted it; since I sent it on his site, I don’t even have the thing saved anywhere.


2 Comments on “Challenging Reading”

  1. Sara says:

    I’m grateful for Brent Weeks then, even if he didn’t write you back.

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