The Reluctant Laundress

Alison did not want to get out of bed. I’m sure you can relate. We all have days like that–when the only errands to be done seem tedious and/or unpleasant.

Her to-do list was relatively short today: return some library books and pick up something to cook for dinner. In theory, she could let it all go and do it tomorrow, but then she’d incur another quarter in late fees and be stuck eating dry cereal again. 

Alison was not generally a fan of dry cereal. Milk was a necessity in her book; it softened the cereal up so she didn’t feel like she was eating grit. She didn’t like grit.

She moaned and covered her face with a pillow, then let her arms flop back onto the bed. She suddenly realized that there was, in fact, one more thing that had to be done today. 


Alison groaned. The only choir she hated more than laundry was getting the oil changed in her car, because of course, mechanics always assumed that since she was a girl she was a mechanical idiot. She actually did know how to change her own oil, but it was worth the extra few dollars to have someone else do it.

She threw the pillows from her face to the floor and slid off the bed feet first. After using the bathroom and brushing her hair and teeth, she paused, half-dressed, and grinned. 

“I have nothing to do tomorrow!” she cheered. “Laundry can wait!”

From TBP Word Association #3.


6 Comments on “The Reluctant Laundress”

  1. LRose says:

    Fun you went looking for previous prompt! And laundry is truly one of my most hated chores. I’ve pulled a few Alisons

  2. Sara says:

    I like laundry if I can fold it in peace on a Sunday night while watching Doctor Who. So in about 10 years I’ll accomplish that again.

    My least favorite task of all: making dinner. I love to cook for events, but the everyday dinner kills me. So does the everyday packing of a lunch.

  3. abbiosbiston says:

    Hanging it all up is the WORST!

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