My Favorite Dessert

I know, you all want to know what’s next with the storage unit. I know, alright? I do too! But I want to be social and watch Vine compilations on YouTube with my husband, and the two just don’t go together. Can’t write good stuff while watching Vines.

So I asked him what i should write about, and he asked what’s your favorite dessert? So here we are.

But where are we? Because I don’t know.

Desserts are okay in my book, they’re just not essentials. Like, it takes me weeks to eat a pint of ice cream.

I like crepes.


Let’s go with a dessert crepe. Or just a crepe filled with whipped cream. Those are really good.


14 Comments on “My Favorite Dessert”

  1. abbiosbiston says:

    Left to my own devices I would end up 600lbs trapped in a dessert prison. I now limit myself to occasional frozen yogurt or a couple of squares of dark chocolate.

  2. 35life says:

    I love crepes too and so wish I could have one right now!

  3. Sara says:

    Lemon bars, from a box. But crepes are good too.

  4. Does. Not. Compute.

    I’m with abbiobiston. Total dessert glutton.


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