30 Day Writing Challenge

Like I need more on my plate, right? But I can’t help myself.

So there’s this blogger. Stephanie. She does some pretty dang awesome nails. And I just found out the other day she has a book blog too. How cool is that, right?

Oh! She’s the gal who told me about The Night Circus. Great book; you should check it out. I should probably reread it.

Anywho, let’s do this.

Day 1: List ten things that make you really happy.

  1. My husband
  2. Coming up with that perfect word/phrase/storyline/idea that’s just, well, perfect
  3. Gel eyeliner that’s not too thick and not too thin and stays put all day but comes off just fine with makeup remover–I’m looking at you, NYX Gel Eyeliner and Smudger
  4. Hiking
  5. Jabberwocky, my hiking stick
  6. Reading a really-good-to-tolerably-well-written book
  7. Body piercing
  8. Cold sheets when I go to bed
  9. Freshly shaved legs when I slide onto cold sheets in my bed
  10. Our kitty cats enjoying a good petting, with a little bit of kneading but not too much, and minimal drool because we have two serious spit factories

5 Comments on “30 Day Writing Challenge”

  1. LRose says:

    Ahhh… (except the bit about the husband. He’s yours. You can have him. Oh, and the body piercings. Not my thing. But a walking stick? Maybe. My dad had this wonderful cane with a perfectly formed-to-the-hand brass dolphin. He looked casual and elegant with it).

    • April says:

      My husband would love a dolphin cane.

      One of our sticks is persimmon and the other is dogwood; I can never remember which is which. His has a whistle in the top, though.

      • LRose says:

        My dad shopped for his canes. Made my mother roll her eyes. He had another one; simple oak staff with a fabulously ornate, pewter “T” handle handle. My dad, I gotta say, was “stylin'” No one noticed he walked with a limp. All my nephews got his canes (and caps, and vests, and jackets) and they wear them all the time.

      • April says:

        It sounds like he and my father in law would have gotten along well, just for a shared love of canes.

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