Mega Road Tripping

And Ian again:

Describe your perfect road trip for us. Where would we go? What would we do? What kind of car would you like to do it in? And how long would it be?

Let’s just take a moment here to pull that third question out of context and have a good old lascivious giggle at it.

Now that that’s out of our systems, we’ll move on.

Oh Em Gee. Y’all, I adore a good road trip. Especially now that we can actually take a road trip without trying to kill each other. Remember Virginia 2010? Bad timing for that one.

But the perfect road trip? That’s like a bartender’s quest for the perfect martini. A makeup artist’s quest for the perfect foundation. A writer’s quest for the perfect turn of phrase!

I’ll tone it down.

The last question is the easiest to answer–forever, of course. Yes, seriously, forever. Let us be nomads, my love! Let us wander the earth in search of the perfect road trip! Let the ever escalating costs of neither fuel nor tires never stand between us and our dreams of the open road!

I forgot to tone it down, my bad.

While forever would be nice, a solid year would be acceptable. You did say perfect, remember?

We would start by going west. We’ve been east to the ocean, we’ve been south to the Gulf, and we’ve been north a bit. We haven’t been west together.

We could head a smidgen north to Oklahoma for a visit, and to hit up that safari zoo I went to when I was a kid. And we could have a look at Chickasha to see if I recognize anything. Then west to the high point.

I suppose we could north it up a little more to visit family in Aurora. And we’ll have to stop and meet Lori. Suffer through a Mesa Verde tour and the soreness the following day. Nothing like some cliff dwellings to make your legs ache!

Then south to Four Corners because you’d like that. Do some hiking, see if the Mystery Spot is still around.

More west to California and the other ocean! We can see the Winchester Mystery House because it’s awesome. Maybe we could meet some more bloggers, like jjiraffe. And even do some trail magic on the PCT!

We could continue up the west coast, do a little exploring in Alaska, then through Yukon, BC, and into the NWT to hit Yellowknife. South again, through Alberta and Saskatchewan. We could dip a little further south for a stop at the Tridge in Midland, Michigan, then Niagara Falls, then up to Maine.

Then take our time down the +east coast, throw in a trip to Disney World. West again, pass through home and see if we’ve missed anything cool.

On to Laredo to the Pan-American Highway. Then we could just follow that on south and make our way to and through South America.

The kind of car would probably be pretty important on a trip like this. I’d let you handle that part. I don’t care, as long as it’s comfortable.

So, what does everybody think of this trip? We’d probably have to finish it up with a plane ride to another continent to rent a car and do the same thing there. Sounds fun, right?

5 Comments on “Mega Road Tripping”

  1. LRose says:

    I love me a good road trip, too, though a whole year makes my bum sore just thinking of it. 😉

  2. abbiosbiston says:

    You cannot plan the perfect road trip. It just has to happen organically. I do love a good road trip though. Growing up in a big country I think you have to learn to embrace them from a young age.

    • April says:

      Oh, I definitely did. My parents lived 1200 miles apart for most of my childhood, so we made that trip at the beginning and end of every summer vacation. Then I graduated high school and started meeting internet friends…I love road trips.

      But you’re exactly right! The only thing you can really plan is an ultimate destination, leaving plenty of leeway for lagniappe.

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