A Simple Gardening Mishap

The Williams family was happy their new house robot had finally arrived. It had been on back order for days. It was practically unheard of to wait that long for anything besides a cable installation anymore.

The first evening, there was an accident involving two potatoes, a bucket of jellybeans, and a full moon, while the robot, who they family had named Sam, was clearing rocks for the new herb garden. Sam was supposed to pick up each rock, wipe the dirt off the underside, and place it in the wheelbarrow.

When the Williams got up the next morning, Sam was nowhere to be found. A trail of rocks led them six miles down the road, where Sam was diligently picking up rocks, flipping them to wipe the underside, and dropping them.

Try as they might, no one was able to convince Sam to stop. Eventually, Mr. Williams had to call the robotics company to have them pick Sam up for a complete reset. When Sam returned, he never did anything out of the ordinary again.

At least the family had a story to tell–of the robot who could not leave any stone unturned.

Thanks to The Blog Propellant for the idiomatic prompt!


5 Comments on “A Simple Gardening Mishap”

  1. LRose says:

    Fun! Robots go well with the idiom, yes? Anyone who runs a rock quarry would love these guys.
    (btw…try re-linking the link to the prompt. It didn’t pingback the first time.)

  2. rubyr8 says:

    Love the spin on this weird idiom, very literal 🙂

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