Minus the Purple Crayon

courtesy|credit TNKerrHarold did not get up that morning with plans for a most mischievous day. Nevertheless, it happened. The first place he went when he got out of bed was outside.

When he got outside, he noticed that a pterodactyl had laid an egg in the backyard. Fortunately, it had been long enough that the baby pterodactyl had hatched and flown the coop. Harold decided to sit in the egg for a few minutes to see what it felt like to be prehistoric.

It felt pretty shady and cool.

But soon it was time to move on to new adventures.

Harold wiped the membrane from his behind and exited the eggshell.

He picked up his feet and trotted into the front yard and down the street.

Harold’s neighbor Susan was hanging her laundry out to dry. When she saw Harold walk into her yard, she tried to finish up as quickly as she could.

It wasn’t quickly enough.

Somehow Harold ended up suspended on the clothesline next to Susan’s bedsheets. Hanging-out-the-washing

Susan sighed and shook her head. This would never do. She had no idea how Harold got into these situations. She unclipped Harold and helped him gently to the ground.

Harold waved merrily to Susan as he continued on his journey.

The circus happened to be in town this week, so Harold followed his nose to the scent of peanuts and elephant poop.

When Harold arrived at the big top, he caught a glimpse of something furry sneaking around behind the cotton candy cart.

It turned out to be a monkey.


Harold got along swimmingly with monkeys, and this one was no exception. They giggled together for a quite some time, enjoying the cotton candy

that the monkey swiped from the cart next to them.

Finally Harold realized that it was getting late, and his mother would be looking for him. He bid the monkey goodnight, and walked home, where dinner was waiting. Fortunately, Harold hadn’t eaten so much cotton candy that he spoiled his meal.

Harold’s mother was happy to see him home. She knew he went on adventures every day, but she never worried about whether or not he would come home in one piece.

You see, Harold’s mother got into plenty of scrapes of her own when she was Harold’s age.

got that

Picture Prompt #19


8 Comments on “Minus the Purple Crayon”

  1. LRose says:

    Ha! Love the like-mother-like-son ending! As always, well-done you.

  2. abbiosbiston says:

    Harold is an excellent name!

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