Inspirational Penguin

Carl sat in front of his computer staring at a blank screen. He hadn’t even turned it on; there didn’t seem to be a point to it. Ever since he’d been fired from his programming job at Stag Industries six days before, he’d lost interest in most of the things that used to bring him some semblance of joy.

He hadn’t even eaten in two days.

His mother was beginning to worry, as he hadn’t answered her calls all week.

Carl lifted his head and looked at the poster he’d hung above his workstation the day he moved into his apartment, seven years ago. For the first time, he really looked. And it helped his mood tremendously.

He stood up and began to whistle as he walked to the kitchen to make himself a sandwich.

Carl paused, mid-mayo, and wondered if the inspirational penguin had been eaten by a seal or died of natural causes.

Propelled by LRose.


3 Comments on “Inspirational Penguin”

  1. LRose says:

    Great after-thought at the end (and thanks for the personal credit!) Reminds me of all those diet-and-exercise-health-gurus who died, ironically, of diseases claimed to be “curable” through a simple regime of … diet and exercise.

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