So Much Baggage

Today’s and yesterday’s prompts go together quite well, as is to be expected, so I’m combining them.

When I get ready for a trip, I make a list. I check it twice. No, seriously, I check it a lot. These are the things I need to do before going. These are the things I need to pack. These are the things I need to have ready for when I return. These are the things that I don’t need to worry about, but I’ll worry about anyway because I can

I’m pretty bad.

At least, I used to be. I think I was much better for our anniversary trip six weeks ago. 

Nearly all of my trips in the past fifteen years have been to visit my parents. Even so, I always get anxious that I’m forgetting something that will be the end of the world if it’s forgotten. 

I can think rationally about this. I can pick up a toothbrush for a buck if I forget it. It’s a house that people live in, plenty of toiletries are available (you may appreciate knowing that my mind blanked momentarily, and I wanted to call shampoo and toothpaste ‘condiments’).  I know with my brain that not a single item I’m packing is essential. 

But I freak out and end up with half a dozen last-minute stragglers and odds and ends stuffed in my purse as an afterthought.

And I’m sorry, Ian, I know I also freak out if you touch anything I packed or set out. 

Leaving is stressful.

But I’m trying to let go of all that. Seems to be working out so far.


2 Comments on “So Much Baggage”

  1. Ha! I am pretty similar to you too. I kinda get paranoid about things to bring on a trip

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