Happy birthday to my wife.

I have such an amazing husband!

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Today is a great day, because today is my wife’s birthday. The day that the smartest, most patient, best cook, most beautifully gorgeous, super sexy, amazing woman known as my wife was born. A day that should be a national holiday. She can teach everyone a thing or two, and I promise you if she does, you’ll love every minute of it. She has shown me things and taught me things I never thought I would enjoy. I owe her for my love of asparagus, hiking, breathing(to relax), pork loin, countless movies I would have never given a blink of an eye to, makeup artists, living healthier, being a decent human being, and so so so many more things. Thank you my love for being my love. Thank you for being the kind of person I wish everyone else would be, thank you for being a teacher, thank you for…

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2 Comments on “Happy birthday to my wife.”

  1. abbiosbiston says:

    Awww! How lovely!

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