Judy Moody

I wish I could type it as cutely as Abby used to say it. Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer is her favorite movie, and we probably watched it thirty or more times when it was on Netflix. Unfortunately, it was one of the titles they dropped last year.

Do you know how pitiful a child can be when she can’t watch her favorite movie anymore? Super mega pitiful. But Ian ordered it from Amazon last week, and we are watching it right now.

The best part? It’s actually an entertaining movie, with positive repeat watchability.

Judy Moody is 10, and she has big plans for the summer–until she finds out that two of her best friends are leaving town for the summer. To top it off, her parents go to help her maternal grandparents, leaving Judy and her little brother Stink in the care of their loony Aunt Opal.

Aunt Opal is my favorite–she’s a street artist hippie who used to live in Bali and drove across the Horn of Africa.

Judy is steeling herself for the worst summer of her life, but she learns that she can have a super mega rare summer after all, even with things seldom going as planned.

You should really check it out–but we’re almost to the poop sandwiches part, so I need to pay attention.

See you later!


2 Comments on “Judy Moody”

  1. susieshy45 says:

    Write us the rest of the story when you’ve finished watching. You’ve intrigued me into watching but I rarely watch movies on Netflix, the computer, youtube or CD player or any other means.
    So I will need to depend on your review.

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