Wall Space

We have quite a few pieces of art. It’s funny how we have so much more wall now and yet such a hard time finding the right placement.

But I think the sheer expanse is exactly the problem; we have enough space to sort instead of cramming everything wherever it fits without a thought for what goes together and what doesn’t.

I have a trio of paintings with a Spanish alley theme that I picked up at a yard sale thirteen years ago, and we’ve added two portraits to our collection that, while they don’t exactly go, do tie in, making a grand total of five–they’re each about 18×30 inches, so that’s an entire room’s worth. Ian didn’t want to sleep under Ferdinand (what we named the conquistador portrait), so we agreed on Breakers at Dawn over our bed.

Where to put the five? I haven’t the foggiest. I think we’ll have to split them up, only keeping the trio together. Perhaps Ferdinand can go in the office.

I knew I wanted Fleur de Provence in the kitchen, over the coffee makers and microwave.

And my armadillo was a perfect fit for this tiny bit o’wall next to the fridge, leading into the laundry room.

This wall of our bathroom was an easy pick as well:

But I held up the train ticket in several spots before I decided on above the turtles. I’ll show you the finished product when it’s wired and hung.

I love these little guys, and Ian did beautifully hanging them here:

The peacock, though. He’s a handful. He’s tile, so he’s heavy as all get-out. I want him to go on the wall facing the front door, but the wall studs aren’t in the right spot for his weight. Maybe we’ll have to put him facing the sliding glass door.

These flowers. Are. So. Frustrating. They look great over the couch here, but it is absolutely impossible to keep them straight.

And still, we have stacks and stacks. I have five small pieces sitting on the counter right now, only two of which I’ve established homes for.

Tell me we aren’t the only ones with this first world problem.


2 Comments on “Wall Space”

  1. Abbi says:

    I love the train ticket. Mr O and I have ended up with a bit of a hodge podge as well. We have a canvas abstract print of a map of London in the front room but we also each chose a music related print. His is of Morrissey and mine is an advert for The Cure’s Kiss Me. In the bedroom we have a vintage map that depicts the the colonial territories of the early 1900’s as well as some vintage Italian and French liquor advert prints. In our second bedroom we have chalk caricatures that were done of us at a wine launch. I like to think it all sort of goes but I might be wrong…

    • April says:

      I accept full responsibility for the train ticket. 🙂

      The maps sound awesome! I’d love to see them.

      They do all sort of go, no matter what they look like, right? I mean, we always have stories to tell about how and where and why they came into our homes.

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