Since there was no Christmas Swop this year (last year, but whatever, right? I’m sure plenty of people also haven’t taken down their decorations.), Cheryl from Fat and Fabulous Me agreed to swap with me!

Abby and I picked up our package from the post office this morning. She held it the whole way home, super excited to get in the house and open it up. I let her tear into it as soon as we got in the door.



Tons of stuff!

Whoops, there’s no collar in that picture–because Abby was wearing it.

But then I got to wear it. Cool, huh?

I enjoyed the fish crackers, and I certainly can’t wait to try out the lips stickers!

Thank you, Cheryl!


2 Comments on “Presents!”

  1. The fish crackers are my absolute favourite snack! Gonna eat tons of it when Chinese New Year comes in February haha. Glad you enjoyed them! 🙂

  2. susieshy45 says:

    Hope you get a lovely box this Christmas too !
    You look amazing – I love your make up.

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