Our New Addition

Today we welcomed Bubbalicious Theadore Brumley Waffles Cross into our home. He’s five years old and weighs seventeen pounds. His mommy passed away three weeks ago, and he needed a new home.

We’ve had a pretty good transition so far. He was definitely not a fan of the car ride home, and he spent most of the first three hours under the kitchen table, behind the ironing board, and in the covered litterbox, but he’s apparently done enough exploring to lie down on the couch while I watch Pretty Woman.

Amarillo did hiss twice at him. She still seems jealous, but that’s probably because I’m her human. Since Ian’s at work, I do have to take care of the coaxing and welcoming and comforting. Amarillo isn’t happy about that. I made sure to give her plenty of loving too.

Kitten hissed once, halfheartedly, but hasn’t budged from her cozy quilt nest in a couple of hours. When she wakes up she gives him the stinkeye. More now that he’s also on the couch. The problem may be that I’m sitting in Ian’s spot, not my spot next to Kitten.

Hopefully things will continue in this peaceful vein after bedtime tonight.


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