Well, Color Me Happy*

Today’s Daily Prompt is about color:

Imagine we lived in a world that’s all of a sudden devoid of color, but where you’re given the option to have just one object keep its original hue. Which object (and which color) would that be?

Maybe by the time I finish writing I’ll have put my finger on something.

I read the prompt and my mind wandered: one of the first things I considered was my purple eyeliner. Yes, really. I can be that shallow. Now that I say that, though, my Across the Universe polish is truly a gorgeous color(s). But no.

The sky? Terribly cliché. No. Someone else can handle that.


Avocados are a lovely green, but we don’t judge ripeness by it. Steak! A perfect medium rare is an absolutely lovely sight to cut into. Sushi! Sushi is so bright and beautiful, but is that too broad? It’s an entire category. Maybe just tuna?


I choose the ocean. I live in a coastal state, but at the wrong end of it; the Gulf of Mexico is 300 miles away. Yes. I choose something that I don’t even get to see every day.

Because it’s the ocean, man. It’s important. It means a lot to me.

IMG_3518The Atchafalaya River flooding in 2011. Not the ocean. But it’s how the shrimp boats get to the ocean. Also not the color of the ocean.


*There’s a sofa in here for two.

One of the things that’s been keeping me sane at this point has been watching comfortingly familiar movies while Ian’s at work and I’m not. And while he’s not. Last night was Hellboy.

Between Netflix and Amazon Prime, we’ve no shortage of movies, but I’ve pulled out the DVD books and even gotten into the VHS cabinets for Coyote Ugly–thanks, Abbi, for reminding me.

Tonight it’s going to be Pretty Woman and/or Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion. Thanks, Daily Prompt!


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