Tossing Cookies

The second week of school was when the conduct calendar first showed its dirty face.

We had no foreknowledge of this event, so when I opened Abby’s folder I was terribly amused at what I saw.

“Did you do anything at school today that you weren’t supposed to do, Abby?”

“No.” Completely guile free.

“Anything you got in trouble for?”

“No.” Still no clue of what I’m getting at.

“Did you maybe throw cookies?”

“No…well, they weren’t my cookies.”

Well that makes it okay! Cue laughter.

“Did you throw someone else’s cookies at snack time?”

“Yes.” Very mild chagrin.

“Thank you for not throwing your cookies, but it’s not nice to throw anyone else’s cookies, either, okay?”

“Okay.” And we’ve shrugged it off.

The next morning:

“I’ll be good today. I won’t throw my cookies or anybody else’s cookies.” Very earnest and pleased with herself.

“Thank you.”

True to her word, every day since has been a green/good day.

4 Comments on “Tossing Cookies”

  1. susieshy45 says:

    I am so glad to read your writing again. I felt I had lost a sister all these days. I can see you are busy with school and your job and everything else you do.
    I am busy with some writing jobs I have taken up on job boards ( I am so desperate). I need to buy some things and this is the only way I can think of making the money.
    But it is very difficult to satisfy a client.
    Anyway, love to Abby.

    • April says:

      Thanks so much, Susie! I’ll be writing up a storm this weekend; I’m off the next five days! I’m days behind in my blog reading, too. Must catch up!! Good luck with your client!


  2. susieshy45 says:

    An update. The client approved the payment- so I have made my first salary from writing.
    Do you do writing too as a job ?

    • April says:

      Yay! I do little things now and then, and then there are the royalties from my novel, so not like a bill-paying job, more like an ice cream cone every now and then job.


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