Wiener Dog Races 2014

This year they decided to start the races at noon–ugh. We missed the cooler, cloudier part of the day to deal with sun and heat.

We only had a half-decent view of the first heat; after that, we went to the bounce houses. Two had water slides, so after a few bounces in the dry ones, Abby chose the wet ones. The big slide was a huge hit; she probably went six times.

Then we went to find the ballon animals. We’d seen a few wiener dog balloons, and had to get one of our own. We waited while the balloon lady squeaked out a dog, a sword, and two cats before it was Abby’s turn, who’d requested that she get to hold the dollar to pay for it herself. She chose a blue wiener dog.

On to lemonade! We got in line behind about eight people. When we were about halfway there, this woman decided to cut. Yes. She cut us in line. She stood off to the side a bit while Ian and I talked shit, but eventually edged over to cut the other line, so whatever.

Next up, face painting. On the way, Abby petted a dog dressed as an LSU cheerleader. We had a bit of an issue with not listening and an edge of whiny grumpiness while choosing a design, so no face painting. Abby took a rest on a bench and finished the 32 ounce lemonade she’d only been holding for about ten minutes. She was pretty thirsty.

As we were about to drown in sweat, we decided to call it a day and go inside to explore. We spent a couple bucks in the arcade and returned to the escalator for another ride. On the third floor, we went to either side to look out the windows.


We took the elevator to the fourth floor, where the suites are. Abby was amazed to step out and see what she thought was a hotel lobby. Again, we looked out the windows on either end, from a higher vantage point.



We took the elevators all the way back down and hit the road. Nearly to the car, I realized that the weight of Abby’s wet shorts had pulled them down below her butt. At least her shirt was long enough to cover that behind.

And I have a half circle tan on each shoulder blade from the space between the straps of my two tank tops. Classy!


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