Chores Galore

Sunday’s Daily Prompt:

Congrats — you’ve been handed a robot whose sole job is to relieve you of one chore, job, or responsibility you particularly hate. What is it?

What a lucky robot! He doesn’t really have much to do.

The chore I hate the most is vacuuming. Fortunately, Ian takes care of that.

I don’t mind dishes, or laundry, or cleaning the stove top. I’ll happily fold clothes and match socks. I like the trash roundup–the kitchen trash is the only one that fills regularly, so once a week-ish one of us dumps the remaining six trash cans into a bag to take outside. Wow. We totally have seven trash receptacles in our five rooms. That seems like a lot.


It would be nice to have a robot for pet care, to clean the litter boxes and turtle tank. Ian does these, but I’m sure he’d appreciate it.

Or does it have to be a chore/job specific to me? Hm.

In that case, my robot can certainly spend all his time cutting fabric. I’ll just program in the pattern I need and throw something pretty at him. The pattern-cutting-out part is my least favorite part of sewing. If I had a robot to take care of that, I guarantee I’d sew way more.

Or could I just have a robot hand!?

If you haven’t, you should watch The IT Crowd.


2 Comments on “Chores Galore”

  1. Abbi says:

    I want someone to just put things away. I don’t mind cleaning but I hate packing anything away.

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