Working for The Man

Today’s Daily Prompt:

If money were out of the equation, would you still work? If yes, why, and how much? If not, what would you do with your free time?

I would. I need the time out of the house to do something for me, and if it’s ‘only’ for me, I’ll never get around to it. If I have a job to go to, I will.

Are we assuming that I’ve won the lottery or something and am set for life? Then I’d open a bakery. I’d hire someone to run it so I could do the fun stuff, like bake. Someone who gives a crap about running a business.

Or are we assuming that all my bills are paid, not that I have spare millions? Then I’d deliver pizzas. Because that is the most fun job ever. For reals.

But just a couple days a week, so I’d have plenty of time to write and sew and stuff.

4 Comments on “Working for The Man”

  1. susieshy45 says:

    Pizza delivery- yeah. Zoom into the unknown, knowing not whom you are going to meet. Indeed exciting.

    • April says:

      It’s not really *that* much unknown; the pizza business is all about repeat customers. But when there are surprises, they are indeed grand!

  2. Abbi says:

    I think I would probably just keep doing the job I do now. Sounds lame but I have never not worked in my adult life and I really enjoy my job. I’d probably take a sabbatical though.

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