Cosmetologically Inclined

I love explaining things to Abby–most of the time–because she pays attention, and I’ll shortly hear her putting my explanation to use. Of course, it’s also terribly funny when she screws it up. Like when ‘don’t let the bed bugs bite’ became ‘good night, don’t let them bugs bite you while you sleeping!’ She does finally have the hang of ‘my dogs are barking,’ though.

Wednesday she was watching me put makeup on, and pointed out that my makeup brushes look like paintbrushes.

20140711-184742-67662362.jpgThis was one of my first sewing projects.

I agreed, and told her that some people do in fact call putting makeup on ‘painting your face.’ I don’t think that one sank in.

When I went to work that night I thought out a post about makeup, and I was surprised to see that Chloe had a similar idea at the same time. Obviously, I didn’t get around to it then.

For a person who needs storage for a number of makeup brushes, I don’t really wear much makeup. Many days it’s nothing, or only powder and mascara. When I do go for more than that, I have one item that I adore: CoverGirl Natureluxe foundation. Not sponsored, but do send me freebies, CoverGirl!

So, Natureluxe, loose powder, blush, and mascara are my basics. Where my girliness shines through is eyeshadow. Eyeshadow is almost as cool as nail polish. Hence the variety of brushes. I need a set for light colors and for dark colors. Duh. Wouldn’t want black or purple in my silver or white. If you’re looking for a gift for me, nail polish or eyeshadow is generally a safe bet. The brighter or wilder the better.

It’s like I’ve come full circle in my makeup habits.

My mom’s rule was no makeup until you’re 13. I was so excited the day she took me to the store to buy my first makeup. She stocked me up on Almay, but with limits. I got pressed powder, light blush, mascara, and sheer pale pink lipstick. No foundation, no liners for lip or eye. I was also clearly informed that daytime mascara meant top lashes. Bottom lashes were coated on special occasions only. Around 16, when I got cooler, I was all about those bottom lashes, all the time. I continued until last year, when I read somewhere that blah blah women over 30 shouldn’t use mascara on their bottom lashes because it draws attention to fine lines, or some gibberish like that. Fortunately, I don’t have much of the fine lines, but it was actually a relief to have a reason, however nonsensical and ageist, to ignore those bottom lashes. So I’m back to special occasions.

Go figure. A fashion magazine helped me feel better about myself. Take that, patriarchy!

My mother is actually not a big makeup person herself, but back then, all she wore was Merle Norman. She would not be caught dead in a drugstore blush, no ma’am! Something she doesn’t care about anymore, not that she wears makeup very often now.

My sister has never been a fan of makeup. I could probably count on my fingers the times she’s ever worn it. We’re like 10 Things I Hate About You with our ages reversed, but since I’m the older one it doesn’t matter.


Today I finally got to Ulta for my birthday freebie–my birthday was in May, but the salesgirl entered it as June, so I got my coupon a month late. I guess it makes sense that I can’t change my birthday on their website. They wouldn’t want to give out birthday gifts to everyone every month. We browsed a bit, but the best part was when Ian dropped my Nicole by OPI Lay It On The Lime like a hot potato to grab something by the register while I was still perusing Essie clearance. He found Deborah Lippmann Across The Universe. This is a color he’s kept an eye out for me for years. Nobody carries it here, and it kind of became a quest for Ian to find it locally instead of on Amazon. Thanks sweetie!

So here you have it–my most expensive bottle of nail polish and my free CK One mascara.


I’ll try the mascara tomorrow. Top lashes only.

Now, to remove L’Oreal Now You Sea Me and replace it with glittery goodness!


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