The Appalachian Trail

I need to get away from updates, to a semblance of normalcy.

I planned to take on one of the Daily Post’s prompts from earlier this week, but the one I chose led me to a different path. It was #4: Self-psychoanalysis via your bookshelf or Spotify playlists.

I only read my Kindle in bed because the lamp is on Ian’s side, so I considered the last five ebooks I read: A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons, both George R. R. Martin, The Clique by Lisi Harrison, and Becoming Odyssa and Called Again, both Jennifer Pharr Davis.

Yep, definitely a telling slice of my psyche. I devour science fiction and fantasy, teen angst is my guilty pleasure, and Ian and I want to hike the Appalachian Trail. I realized I didn’t want to talk about books, though. I wanted to talk about the trail.

I’d heard of the Appalachian Trail before, but I never really learned anything about it until Lori Lavender Luz made mention of her trail name. I thought to myself, Trail name? What’s that? So I googled. I read. I watched documentaries.

I told Ian a little bit about it, and he said, ‘Oh. Wanna go?’

Heck yeah I wanna go!!

I have always enjoyed hiking and exploring. I loved my summers in Michigan, especially going to Dow Gardens and walking all the trails. Then summers in Colorado, dipping my feet in icy Rocky Mountain streams and taking a trip to Mesa Verde. Holidays with my stepdad’s family, and the acres and acres of woods behind their home. My trip to Yellowknife, exploring the glacial rocks. And here, my friends and I all used to go ‘camping’ and play hide and seek in the forest in the middle of the night. I know, not the smartest thing we ever did.

To be able to do that for days, weeks, months? That would be amazing. To be part of something that so many people are part of only because they love it? Even more amazing. To belong somewhere that being nice is magic? Words cannot describe.

On the other hand, being dirty, hungry, hurting, tired, uncomfortable–I can work with those, except maybe dirty hair. I’d rather a kidney stone than unwashed hair. *shrug* I could shave it and wear a hat.

But would Ian really want to do that? It turns out that he enjoys hiking as well! We’ve been visiting the Red River National Wildlife Refuge and walking the trails. We took Abby last week and saw a mole, a snake, and deer tracks.

It’s exciting to think about going, even with no idea of how or when we can make the trip. When I think about all the bloggers I know who live somewhere along the trail it’s even more exciting. Although I’d imagine it’s pretty hard for a stinky hiker to make a good first impression. But you’d forgive us, wouldn’t you?

8 Comments on “The Appalachian Trail”

  1. What an exciting adventure! I’m glad you were sparked to look further into it. I didn’t know much about the Appalachian Trail until Melissa at Stirrup Queens brought it up.

    Here’s another trail to investigate, and it’s on my bucket list: Camino de Santiago. And Emilio Estevez’ movie about it, The Way:

  2. Rory says:

    I have hiked only a few short miles of it. We used to say we’d do it for our tenth anniversary, but that’s this summer. Maybe for twenty. I hope you do get to go!

  3. jjiraffe says:

    April: I highly recommend you read “Wild” by Cheryl Strayed. It’s about a young woman’s trek on the Pacific Crest Trail (the Western version of the Appalachian Trail). It is the most amazing and inspiring non-fiction book I’ve read in the last 2 years – Esperanza gave it to me. You would LOVE it.

    I love hiking. Love it. No one else in my family likes it. I hope you hike the Appalachian Trail 🙂

  4. Stasy says:

    I hope you go. My brother and I have backpacked parts of it twice, a week long trip both times and I loved it.

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