Mardi Gras Haul!

We’re back home, getting back into the swing of things, and we have a new fridge. Yay! We have to go grocery shopping, though. It looks like a dorm fridge in there–condiments, beer, hot dogs, and pudding cups. I need to remember to get flour so I can start turning those fancy beers into breads.

We had a blast (Ian had to explain that phrase to Abby, and she loves to use it now) at my parents’ house for six days. We caught four parades and came home with this:
Okay, so we didn’t bring it all home. We left the regular beads. My youngest brother has tubs and tubs full of them to sell back to the krewes; it’s the Cajun version of recycling cans, I guess. And we packed up a couple of goodie bags for one of Ian’s coworker’s little girls to enjoy since they didn’t get to go to any parades. Even so, there’s a big bag of stuffies, a bag of toys, and a 15 gallon tote of more toys sitting in a corner of the living room. We’ll go through and take out some to keep before passing a lot out to friends.

Abby had the best time this year. Last year her big thrill was watching the marching bands from Ian’s shoulders, but this year she was jumping up and down, screaming, and hollering ‘throw me something please!’ Too cute!!

The original plan included the Krewe of Cleopatra in Houma on Monday night, but it was just too rainy, windy, and cold to make three or four hours standing out there worthwhile. Even Hephaestus on Tuesday afternoon was chilly, but at least only drizzling. we poncho’d up and took advantage of the clear sidewalks. Not many other fools braved the weather for that one after all the spots under the bridge were taken! I was glad to see there were no marching bands, only floats. It’s a short route, but it would have been miserable for those poor kids. We had our usual brush with local celebrity, catching some of Troy Landry‘s throws.

I do hope the weather cooperates next year, since I won’t be able to get the Friday or Saturday before Mardi Gras off work. Boo for Valentine’s Day coinciding with more fun holidays!


6 Comments on “Mardi Gras Haul!”

  1. I wish we had a Mardi Gras parade of some sort here in singapore. Looks fun!

  2. tigger62077 says:

    That is a serious looking haul you’ve got! I’m glad things are sorting out for you. 😀

  3. Rory says:

    This made me smile, big time.

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