It’s All in the Parenting

Ian had a proud father moment yesterday–he told his dad about Abby stealing her first car the day before. On GTA V, not a real car, what kind of people do you take us for? Obviously, the kind that let a child play violent video games.

Ian borrowed the game from a friend a few weeks ago, and he loves it. Abby has always loved watching Dad play his games (usually Mario), and this was no exception. Dad loves it, so it must be awesome. She gets super excited when she gets to hold the controller, even though her hands are too small to hit all the buttons, or even do much more than pan the camera in a circle while walking in a circle. But Tuesday he coached her through her first carjacking, and I can’t tell you who was more excited about it. She is, however, a horrible driver.

I thought, well, maaaybe we should talk about this real quick. After she crashed and it was Ian’s turn again, I got her attention and asked if it was okay to go outside and steal cars and shoot people. Abby may have thought I was an idiot at that moment, because her ‘no’ was absolutely dripping with of-course-not-Mom-are-you-stupid? Which is fine. It was good to know that they’re distinctly separate for her, outside and Dad’s game.

I think it’s easier for her because it’s not real people. I can’t think of anything animated that’s caused her distress, but we’ve been dealing with piranhas for weeks now. She saw the movie at her mama’s house, and it really upset her. We had a long talk about it at bedtime the other night, and I learned that apparently piranhas are magical fish who can jump long distances (we’re talking thousands of miles, she knows piranhas are farther away than Lego Land–that’s a whole ‘nother story–and they can still jump to here) to eat her in her bed. Finally, I was able to reassure her by telling her that her door would be closed, and fish can’t open doors. Ian was listening from the living room in paroxysms of laughter. Fortunately, it wasn’t until the next day that she added that piranhas can, in fact, open doors with their tails. Hopefully they can’t pick locks, or we’re all dead meat.

And she doesn’t even care about the shooting part, mostly. It’s usually ‘Dad, go get a haircut’ or ‘Dad, go to the fair’.

But hey, if your household sticks to the rating system, that’s cool too. We just stay away from sloppy kisses and live action blood, and we’re good to go.


4 Comments on “It’s All in the Parenting”

  1. Stasy says:

    Yay, Abby! Steal those cars. 🙂

    Adults don’t give kids enough credit when it comes to separating fantasy from reality. Look at all the people out there that thought Harry Potter was going to make everyone think they were witches and start worshipping Satan.

  2. Abby’s such a cutie! The piranhas sure have super tails to open doors :p

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