Christmas Swop Day 12!

My final gift from Allison:


Cookie cutters!

The dilemma ensues; should I make cookies or cupcakes for my coworkers? I think I’ll still do cupcakes. There are only eight of us! But Abby and I will be making cookies next week sometime as well. The side-of-the-cup cutter will be perfect for hot cocoa on Christmas.

And in the last pic, you can see that I tried out the nail polish strips from day 5–I love them!! My nails are short enough that I stingily used one strip per two nails, so I even have enough left for a second round if I’m too hard on them at work.

I have had an absolute blast with the swap, opening gifts, seeing how Fernando liked the gifts I sent him, and following along to see all the other participants’ gifts. I cannot wait for next year!! Thank you so much, Allison, for the amazing gifts, and a huge thank you to Juanita and Chloe for hosting the swap!!

One Comment on “Christmas Swop Day 12!”

  1. Awesome! Very happy to receive your gifts and glad to see you liked the ones you got as well!

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