Rainbow Finger Jello

Last weekend I was browsing and came across this recipe for layered finger jello and decided that was what Abby and I would do tonight while Ian was at work.

And we did.

We used two boxes of strawberry and one peach between the sweetened condensed milk layers.

While the end result is certainly pleasing, the construction was a long, drawn out process interspersed with many viewings of fancy gelatin recipes on YouTube. Man, there are all kinds of neat ideas!

Back to our project–it took the first four layers longer to set than I’d expected, but then, I’ve never made jello in this fridge before, so I don’t know why I had expectations to begin with. Still, the more layers, the faster they set, and I was cutting and serving a mere five hours after we started.

I recommend it when you’re doing something that will require frequent short breaks, like editing. Maybe give it a shot in December after you’ve won NaNoWriMo! Who’s joining us this year?

One Comment on “Rainbow Finger Jello”

  1. tigger62077 says:

    Oh my! That looks…industrious. 🙂 And tasty! Glad it turned out how you anticipated.

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