Project Dreamcatcher: Week Two

This week the devil’s in the details: our assignment is to define our steps.

This video is about using video games as a model for goal-setting, and what jjiraffe says about ‘have dones’ in her week two post really clicked with me.

I’ve never played Candy Crush, but I can transfer her analogy to another game, like Culdcept.

I don’t know how many dozens or hundreds of hours I’ve spent playing this game, but it’s a lot. I beat the game, but that wasn’t enough. I had to get all the cards, I had to get all the medals. There’s a cheat code for the medals, but that’s cheating. It doesn’t mean anything when you didn’t have to do anything to get there. And you know what? I still haven’t gotten all the medals. I do have all 500-ish cards.

In the game, both of these are beautiful pictorials of ‘have dones.’ Even before collecting all the cards, it was very satisfying to scroll through my collection and see the number of blank spaces diminishing. And that is encouraging. And yes, I was anal retentive enough to have a notebook listing the medals I hadn’t received yet, along with a brief description so I’d know the requirements for each. It was awfully nice to be able to cross them out.

And so the first step I’ll define will be to make a ‘have done’ collage, a physical reminder of all the great things that I have done. Something I can see and say to myself, ‘look what I did, look at all these things I have to be proud of.’ A vision board of past achievements. And I’ll put it up…um, somewhere. We don’t have much wall available.

20130614-203229.jpgBut at least we have eclecticism on our side. Is that even a word? It definitely describes the wall above my desk, anyway.

Second, I will list the things about myself of which I am so critical. How do I know what I need to feel better about when I don’t know what I consider bad?

Third, I will prioritize said list. And I will work on items one by one, because I know that’s what will work best for me.


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