P is for Poetry

One of the questions on our foster/adopt application was about happy childhood memories. An answer I gave recounted dance and music festivals my sister and I used to go to in the summer with our father.

I was reminded of one particular event when I met a poet, Irene Warsaw. This was over twenty years ago, and when I just googled her, I was sad to learn that she died in 2005.

I only met her that one time, when I was about eleven, but I remember it well. I was painfully shy, but she quickly put me at ease and spoke to me like I was an adult, which is always something to be treasured. I was tickled pink when she referred to me as a fellow poet.

She published two books of poetry, A Word in Edgewise in 1964 and Warily We Roll Along in 1979.

Of all the autographed books I will ever have, I think I will value A Word in Edgewise the most.



2 Comments on “P is for Poetry”

  1. marwil says:

    What a great memory!

  2. Kate says:

    What a treasure!

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