L is for Leftovers

They’re what’s for dinner.

I’ve been in bed most of the day sleeping off the medicine I took for the crazy bad headache that had me up since the butt crack of dawn. That son of a bitch is still there, but at least it’s manageable.

Looking in our fridge, you’d think we subsist on massive amounts of Cool Whip, along with some cheese and grapes, but I promise those tubs are full of leftovers. So it’s barbecue chicken sandwiches, pork roast, red beans and rice, broccoli topped spaghetti, and mashed potatoes tonight. Quite the smorgasbord!


2 Comments on “L is for Leftovers”

  1. I love leftover night. My husband not so much. It drives him crazy that I plan five meals for the week and one night just for leftovers.

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