K is for Kindness

What a happy coincidence that Kindness Friday syncs up with the letter K!

I feel much better about myself than the last time I participated, two weeks ago. It could be because we picked up about a dozen yards of various upholstery fabrics at a yard sale this afternoon for $25. Yay!

I put a bag together this evening from some of it.

I might have to make a bright flower to pin on it to make it a little happier. The colors are much duller without the flash.

I also made this bag last weekend.

I love that fabric!

It makes me happy to make things for people who will enjoy them, so April’s giveaway will be a bag! Just comment here, and I’ll choose a winner on April 30. Good luck!

10 Comments on “K is for Kindness”

  1. SRB says:

    I admit that I have a sewing machine (gift many years ago) but I’m too afraid to even try to use it! Maybe someday I’ll take a class 🙂

    • April says:

      If nothing else, being able to mend is a huuuge benefit. I always thought sewing would be so time consuming and unforgiving, but it’s really the opposite once you get the basics down.

      Crap, that reminds me, I ripped some pants last week. If there’s a protruding nail, I’ll find it with my clothes.

  2. marwil says:

    Oh, I wish I was more crafty, or maybe that I was more patient enough to sit with it and learn…

    • April says:

      You’re so busy right now, though! It always sounds like you have a full schedule. Or maybe something crafty could be one of your next classes if available?

      • marwil says:

        Yeah, the thought have crossed my mind. Would like to try a quilting class but I think those won’t start up again until fall. Well, I try to keep fairly busy, it helps to keep the crazy away 😉

      • April says:

        That sounds fun! I might have to look into that. 🙂

  3. Yay! I’m so glad that kindness Friday helped you :o) I’ve been an absent blogger lately, so I haven’t posted at all since that first Friday, but I’m still making an effort to be kind to myself and keep up with my bloggy friends.
    Also, pick me! I want a super awesome homemade bag!

  4. tigger62077 says:

    Those would make awesome book bags, diaper bags, or craft-storing bags!!

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