F is for Fabric

Did you see this one coming? Probably so.

I have tons of super cute fabrics, like these:

20130406-174257.jpg That yellow’s going to be a skirt for me one day soon.

But then I also have two whole yards of this horrorshow that was hidden away in the middle of a hefty bag of remnants I picked up at the consignment store:

Ian and I call it the ‘dead clown’ fabric. You may remember having a peek of it in the slipper fail from a couple weeks ago. Yes, the only thing I have imagined to do with the dead clowns is rub my bare feet on their faces. Kinda creepy, right?

So help me out, please! What shall I sew from this horrible fabric? Should I just use it for practice runs, or would that be bad luck?

9 Comments on “F is for Fabric”

  1. Rain says:

    Wow, that clown fabric is a bit disturbing! I don’t know what you could use it for. Maybe a gift for someone you don’t really like? Or, the practice runs might work too!

  2. 최다해 gongjumonica says:

    Yay, fabrics! I’m looking for one with an interesting pattern. I am planning to create fabric flowers for my DIY accessories 🙂

  3. Stasy says:

    Good grief; that clown fabric is hideous! Make cat toys out of it?

  4. Those are some great patterns!

  5. […] It’s been three whole years since I did the A to Z Challenge, and I desperately need to get back to sewing, since I still have one of these fabrics.  […]

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