D is for Desertion

My parents left this morning, and Abby got picked up this evening. Ian went to work. I had four hours of blissful near silence.

It was peaceful until Kitten and Amarillo decided to start chasing each other up and down the hallway. How can such small cats sound like a whole herd of elephants? As long as they get it out of their systems by bedtime.

But I’m looking forward to next week. We didn’t have a single morning or naptime this week being woken up by a small child thumping down the hall and climbing into our bed. Who cares about Mom and Dad when you can jump on Grammy and Papa’s air mattress?

It’ll be nice to get back to normal.

4 Comments on “D is for Desertion”

  1. Rain says:

    4 whole hours? I’m jealous!! Enjoy your time!

  2. four hours…I’m closing my eyes and picturing it right now…

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