Time Warp…Friday: Luck

Yes, I am sorely lacking in recent Time Warp posts, I know. And this one is so late! But it’s here. 20130108-232808.jpg

Time Warp Tuesday is hosted on the second Tuesday of the month by Kathy at bereavedandblessed.com. It’s a day to revisit old posts and reflect on the changes that have occurred since then.

This is the post I chose.

I am happy to announce that I have not lost my keys since finding them that day! I probably shouldn’t be too happy, though; there’s a full two months to go before I achieve a whole year.

Our system remains the same. My one set, his car set, his house set, and the mailbox set. What’s changed are the wristlet key chains I’ve made for each of us, not to mention the ones I made for bloggy friends that are all around the country, which tickles me pink!

It’s not just keys. I think there’s been an integral shift in the ‘little loose things’ compartment of my brain. It could be that I’m determined to one-up Abby. I swear, a two-year-old should not be able to keep better track of where I put things than I am! A few weeks ago, I left my phone sitting somewhere, and heard it ringing from the living room. I asked myself aloud where I’d left it, and Abby took it upon herself to answer me: ‘in your room, where you left it, Mom.’ Her ‘duh’ tone floored me. Since then, if I can’t find something, I ask the know-it-all, who usually does know. And yet she still tries to tell me she doesn’t know how to put (pick an item of clothing) on.

But all on my own, I’ve been able to tell Ian where the hedge clippers are, where the tape measure is, and a few other sundry items. I’m just lucky, right?

Or the answer could be the recent go-through-every-item-in-the-house-to-prepare-for-home-study activities. Who knows?

I’ll embrace it while it lasts, keys in hand.

3 Comments on “Time Warp…Friday: Luck”

  1. Kathy says:

    Welcome back to Time Warp! I was so happy to see that you linked up and I am sorry it has taken me this long to get over here and comment. Way to go doing better with keeping track of your keys! I get how challenging it can be when we are busy, parenting young children and have so much on our minds when we are coming and going.I think it is likely a combo of luck and home study prep, as you say, but either way I applaud you for staying on top of things and embracing it! Hope to see you back again and Warping with us next month! Thanks again for doing it this time around! 🙂

  2. How cool that your wristlets are impacting so many!

    And here’s to homestudies keeping us hyper-organized with our stuff :-).

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