Lightly Worded Wednesday

20130109-211510.jpgGrilled cheeses at our new table!

20130109-212528.jpgOn the porch!

20130109-214047.jpgIn the puddles!

20130109-214147.jpgAnd Ian’s yummy checkerboard cake with cream cheese frosting. We brought home a good sized box of neat baking stuff from my parents’ since the kids are all gone now.


4 Comments on “Lightly Worded Wednesday”

  1. Belle says:

    I have no idea how you made it, but that cake is awesome!

  2. Kathy says:

    Love this snowboots picture and that cake looks awesome! 🙂

    • April says:

      I have to admit, Ian and I laughed when I told him you said ‘snowboots.’ It’s currently sunny and 64° here, Chicagoan. I’m wearing a strappy summer dress. 🙂

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