Top Ten

It’s quite the challenge for me to limit my favorite songs; in compiling a list, I always have to substitute and sacrifice. Ian and I were talking about this on the way to my parents’, and I suggested a top five. That was just too hard. Even ten hurts me. Maybe twenty would be okay…probably not.

What I’ve noticed is different for me than most people I know is that I don’t favor songs for their lyrics. I know lyrics; I have thousands of them swimming in my brain. They just don’t hold meaning for me. I experience the whole song without translating it from the language of music. It’s melody, energy, and voice used as an instrument instead of a method of communication. Ha, deep words when the first song I list is Diamond Dave!

Here we go:

  • Panama–Van Halen
  • Fire Woman–The Cult
  • Bombshell–Powerman 5000
  • Spice–Eon
  • Ghosts N Stuff–deadmau5
  • Just Dance–Lady Gaga
  • Enjoy the Silence–Depeche Mode
  • Today–Smashing Pumpkins
  • O Holy Night–Christina Aguilera
  • Sex Type Thing–Stone Temple Pilots
  • What are your favorite songs?


    7 Comments on “Top Ten”

    1. jjiraffe says:

      Fun! Panama is such a great song: love.

      Huh: I don’t know that I could pull a list, but here’s a few I love:

      -Femme D’Argent, Air
      -Bonnie and Clyde, Serge Gainsborough
      -Coronado, Deerhunter
      -Son of a Preacher Man, Dusty Springfield
      -How Come You Never Go There, Feist
      -Take a Picture, Filter

    2. Ooh that’s a tough one! I can never do lists because I’m so indecisive

      I would say

      1 Dancing in the Dark, The Boss
      2 Starlight, Muse
      3 Baba O’Riley, The Who
      4 Poison, Alice Cooper
      5 Sweet Child of Mine, Guns N Roses
      6 Walk, Foo Fighters
      7 Set Fire to the Rain, Adele
      8 Tiny Dancer, Elton John
      9 Chasing Cars, Snow Patrol
      10. More Life in A Tramps Vest , Stereophonics

      You’ve inspired me to make some playlists now…maybe even a blog post 🙂

    3. beensy03 says:

      Cult of personality – living color
      You and I – Vera Mesmer
      Lookin out my back door -CCR
      Son of a sailor- jimmy Buffett
      Swamp song – tool
      Boy girl song – aphex twin
      Got the life – korn
      What’s the buzz – Jesus Christ superstar 1973 version
      Whiter shade of pale – Sarah brightman
      Hijack – mc chris

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