A Gargie Award

Monica at impressions of a princess has given me a Gargie Award! How cute is this little guy?

gargie award

The history of this prestigious award can be found here, and these are the instructions:

  1. Display the award badge prominently  on your site….if you want.
  2. Publish a post to inform the world of your great achievement…..unless you can’t be bothered.
  3. Nominate some fellow bloggers (who have been outstanding in their field…figuratively or literally)….if you feel inclined.
  4. Indicate to your nominees that they have received the award….provided you have completed step three.

Monica is a pretty cool gal whose blog I started following relatively recently when I decided it was time to branch out from exclusively reading ALI blogs. I’m glad I did. It’s refreshing to see the other side of the world with new eyes that don’t share the pain of infertility. These are Monica’s questions, and my answers to them. Thank you, Monica!

  1. What is your favorite book series? The Gaean Trilogy by John Varley: Titan, Wizard, and Demon. I read them at least three or four times a year. Dune runs a close second.
  2. If you could star in any movie, what would the film and your character be? I’d be Sarah, in Labyrinth! Mmm, David Bowie.
  3. If you are given one week to live, how will you spend it? I would spend it doing all the things that Ian has said he wants to do, but we’ve never done. Like going to Avery Island, and eating beignets at Cafe Du Monde.
  4. Blue or Purple? Is this a trick question? I have to say blue, because my truck was blue. I put 300,000 miles on my 2000 Chevy S10.
  5. What’s the most embarrassing thing you have done in school? I think this is the toughest question on the list, not because there are so many, but because there are so few. I was painfully shy in school. I started to come out of my shell a bit towards the end of high school, so it’d have to be something that happened then…I know! How about one time in calculus when my purse tipped over and the giant stash of condoms fell out? Go ahead and roll your eyes, but they weren’t mine. They were my best friend’s.
  6. If you could write and publish a book, what will it be about? Written! It is about a teenage girl who saves the world from an evil sorceress.
  7. iPhone or Android? I’ve had an iPhone for almost three years now, and I’m a creature of habit. The first thing I do when I get a new iPhone is move all the icons to the places they were on my previous one. It’s not that I think iPhones (or Androids) are so great, it’s that Ian does. I go with the flow, but I like to keep things the same as much as possible. I appreciate any little bit of control I can get!
  8. What is your favorite coffee shop and usual order there? I don’t frequent coffee shops. In fact, I only drink about a dozen cups of coffee a year. But I must admit, I do look forward to the fall, when Circle K starts selling their Pumpkin Spice Cappuccino.
  9. If you will be given one chance to change a historical event, what would it be? The implications of this can be pretty unnerving, if you stop to consider. The farther back in history the event took place, the more widespread the effects of a change. But how long ago does something have to be to qualify as historical? I would change the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, because today, those grieving families don’t care how many Jews Hitler killed. They don’t care how many injustices the Spanish Inquisition perpetrated. They care about the gaping holes in their immediate personal lives. Changing history is never a question of helping the most people, it’s a question of the most helping people.
  10. Real books or eBooks? Real books! I love everything about real books: the smell, the weight, the feel, the glorious words!
  11. What inspires you to write? Everything. I write what I know, I write what I don’t know, I write what I think, feel, and guess. I write because the words fit together so beautifully I can’t stand it.

As to my own nominations, I only read outstanding bloggers. How can I choose among you? Maybe I’m just trying to justify my being a broken link in the chain. I’m okay with that.



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