Nail Polish Catch-up

I was thinking, I haven’t posted any pics of my nails in a while. Has anyone missed them? Ha, I didn’t think so. Here are some pictures anyway.

20121116-190729.jpg I tried a candy corn inspired design for Halloween, but I wasn’t feeling it, so I took it off.

20121116-190901.jpg These bloody nails came out much spookier, but I didn’t realize until now how crappy all the pics I got of them are. Sorry.

20121116-191419.jpg And today we have my fall color scheme design. The best part? I got the lines straight with my stupid hand as well!

Real post coming later, I promise!

3 Comments on “Nail Polish Catch-up”

  1. I like the bloody ones best! 🙂 Too bad I’m into straight natural…lol

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