Road Trips

I’ve taken a lot of road trips, more than just about everyone I know who’s never been a truck driver. I love it. My roadtripping heyday was between 1997 and 2000, no cellphones, no GPS, just me, my car, and my road atlas, devouring the miles, listening to the radio stations come and go.

I took most of my trips to meet friends I’d made on mIRC. I logged a ton of hours chatting, and I was fortunate enough to have a work schedule and finances conducive to this hobby of traveling thousands of miles to hang out with strangers.

I worked seven days on and seven off, and made my ‘local’ trips on my weeks off. By ‘local,’ I guess I really mean continental US. I made several trips to Virginia, St Louis, and Des Moines, and one to California. I quit my job to take the two big ones to Canada, Edmonton and Yellowknife.

I’m thinking of starting a series of tales of my adventures. What do you guys think? Do you like road trips? Where have you been?

2 Comments on “Road Trips”

  1. I love road trips! I don’t use GPS either when I go on them. Most of my road trips are to visit family in Connecticut, North Carolina, and Florida. Hubby and I have been to Maryland, Ohio and Massachusetts too. We are planning on taking a few trips before the babies are born. Always wanted to go to Canada!

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