New iPhones

So we got our new iPhones yesterday. Ian got a 5, and I just got another 4 to save money. It was nice to get a free phone. It will be even nicer when Ian’s brother has the money to add his line next week, and we can say our final goodbyes to AT&T!

After all the crap we’ve gone through with AT&T in the last year, the change is amazing. Ian gets the crazy fast LTE, while my 3G is about the same, but it’s always available. It’s a shame that we’re so thrilled to be getting what we pay for, but we were giggling about it earlier.

I haven’t even restored my apps yet; I got a few of my time wasters, but I’ll have to wait and see if I want to start over on the games that I couldn’t transfer my progress. I think I’ll see if I miss them. My screen is so uncluttered!


I got to FaceTime my sister last night, and we had a good old time using up Ian’s battery. We’ll have to keep an eye on our data for a while so we don’t go over, but Abby is going to love being able to FaceTime Grammy and Papa Keith next week without having to go on a wifi hunt!

And of course, I started my stopwatch again. 🙂

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