Followup with Dr Asshole

We waited three and half hours to be told that my tubes are clear and I will ovulate if I lose weight.

When I asked how he could be so sure it was that easy, he just reiterated and added that my PCOS symptoms would also definitely improve.

So much for listening to me when I said my symptoms are the same no matter how much or little I weigh.

Also there’s nothing else he can do for me. How do I keep getting the assholes who tell me that in this teaching hospital with hundreds of doctors not one can do a single thing for me?

I’m going to call the clinic and find out if there’s any chance of me seeing him if I go to their mystery ‘problem’ clinic. If so, they can shove that appointment.


7 Comments on “Followup with Dr Asshole”

  1. jjiraffe says:

    Ugh. I smell something not right here. I’ve been reading a number of PCOS infertility bloggers whose weight is low, and they are still having problems conceiving. Anecdotal I know, but his answer seems really poor. I’m sorry. I hope you can get into their mystery clinic.

    • April says:

      Yeah, my mom was a 25 year old Marine in the best shape of her life and needed five rounds of Clomid to ovulate and have me. She was pretty disgusted with this guy’s knowledge and professionalism, or lack thereof.

  2. tigger62077 says:

    It’s…dude, I would fucking LOVE to lose weight and make the issues go away but that pesky PCOS is sorta preventing it. *thud* I swear to God – any doctor that tells you that your issues (whatever they are!) will be miraculously solved if you just lose X weight (standard seems to be 10%) is a quack and you should never go back to them again. If a doctor even MENTIONS your weight other than to say “Hey, you’ve lost 2# since the last time you came in – congrats!” they should be kicked in the shins…repeatedly.

    • April says:

      He had to ask the medical student holding my chart how much I weighed because he just saw fat girl and thought ‘lose weight is always the answer!’ Not to mention he only repeated himself when I informed him that I *have* lost 10%, why, yes, I CAN plus and times and other math stuff, that’s 30 pounds, jerk. But why wouldn’t he think I’m an idiot? I’m a fat female patient with no insurance. Oh wait! That has nothing to do with my intelligence! Yeah. Urgh.

  3. Belle says:

    *raises hand* Me me me! I’m within a healthy BMI and my ovaries are a bloody cysty disaster. That said, weight loss could help, but I would not say it is a sure cure. The new doctor I am debating switching too recommended I try Pregnitude (ghastly branding! Where are these marketing people from???). He said that shocking success has been seen with it and it is not terribly expensive and available over-the-counter. Here is the link. I ordered mine and am now eagerly awaiting it’s poorly branded arrival 🙂

    • April says:

      I did take inositol for about five months in 2010-11, but didn’t see any improvement. I may give it another try, depending on how this cycle goes.

  4. Ugh! Just Ugh! I hope you find someone who isn’t an idiot at the new place.

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