I’ve been practicing breath control and deep breathing exercises for close to ten years now, but never really regularly. In the past, I did so mostly for pain control, for migraines and kidney stones. I’m allergic to Imitrex, and nothing else helps with my migraines. Also, it’s hard to convince an ER doctor that yes, a female in her mid-20s can actually have chronic kidney stones. I should write about that sometime.

More recently, I started breathing for insomnia, stress, and high blood pressure. I don’t get the migraines very often anymore, and I haven’t had a kidney stone in years, knock on wood!

A couple of years ago I downloaded tons of relaxation/ pranayama apps to see what I could find. The one I like best is Health through Breath from Saagara. It uses tones so you don’t have to count. My only problem with it is that the lite version doesn’t save your log stats, but big whoop.

I mostly do from 5-30 minutes per sitting of 1:2 breaths, so four counts inhaled through the nose, eight counts exhaled through the mouth. Sometimes I do 1:1:2, four in, four rest, eight out, for a change.

That’s why I like the app so much. I can just breathe with the tones and not focus on counting. It seems a lot easier to get into the rhythm, and not worry about anything but my breath and my abdominal muscles moving in and out. And there’s no jarring ding at the end, it just stops. Abby will even quietly listen if she’s refusing to go to sleep.

Three things that make me happy:
1. Hugs from Ian
2. Hugs from Abby because she hugs like her dad–they hug like they mean it
3. Singing

2 Comments on “Breathing”

  1. I’m gonna look into that app. I like the idea of breathing to relax. I mean I do that already, but doing it and really focusing would be better. Probably would help me breathe better while working out too.

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