The Things You Only Hear About

They have to happen to somebody, right?

You know my youngest brother, now fifteen, has been in and out of trouble since he was twelve. Stealing, breaking and entering, smoking pot, growing pot, selling pot, fighting.

My mom called me tonight. She had my stepdad take my brother’s girlfriend home after church this morning because she found out he got a tattoo. On his chest. Of a spider. From a friend. Hand-sized. I can only imagine what it looks like.

He told my mom he was going to kill his dad and then himself. He told her he had a gun. Then he went upstairs and got it, showed her it was loaded, and put it to his head. She talked him out of it, and he went out back and threw the gun in the canal.

My mom called my stepdad and told him and asked him to call the cops. When they showed up, he jumped in the canal, and they had to chase him all over the neighborhood before he fell off a roof and onto a pipe.

They had to take him to the ER for some X-rays, but I think he must be okay, because they took him to a mental health/substance abuse hospital halfway between there and here.

I talked to my mom last night, and she thought he was doing better. He hadn’t broken curfew all week, and he and his girlfriend were back together.

Some days life just keeps piling it on, doesn’t it? Nobody knows how long he’ll be there yet. At least it’s closer to us, if it’ll be a while. I love my brother, but I feel so helpless and far away.

4 Comments on “The Things You Only Hear About”

  1. tigger62077 says:

    Oh April – when it rains….

    On the + side, he’s getting help. Whether he wants it or not, he’s getting it. He’s safe, at least for a little while. These places CAN help. Sometimes it takes multiple times, but they CAN help him.

    *hugs* It’s hard, watching someone go through this. All you can do is support him, let him know you’re there to talk to, and…pray, if you’re the praying type. Message me if you need to.

  2. jjiraffe says:

    I’m so sorry. I went through something similar with my brother. He’s doing great now : in grad school. That phase passed. But it sucked. (((hugs)))

  3. Belle says:

    Good lord, April. I am so sorry you are going through this, too. I am glad your brother is getting some help, though. I have heard many success stories from situations similar to this and have faith your brother will come out a stronger person. I’ll keep you all in my thoughts.

  4. Oh my goodness! I’m glad he is somewhere where he can get help. I will be keeping him in my thoughts and prayers.

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