Chocolate Pie

Thanks to jjiraffe for letting me know that it’s National Pie Week!!

Since Ian made me such an awesome dinner Wednesday, it was my turn to go all out last night. I made roast chicken breasts, cheesy rice, sautéed squash, and a lonely carrot tossed with Italian dressing.


I could eat squash or zucchini three times a day, every day.

And then for dessert, chocolate pie!


And, well, a banana cream pie with no bananas!

20120705-222713.jpgHe hasn’t been topped yet.

4 Comments on “Chocolate Pie”

  1. jjiraffe says:

    OMG: those look amazing!!!!!!!! Yum 🙂

  2. You and your food posts! You make me drool on my computer and make it hard to stay on my diet LOL!

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